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Bones: bed, bath, biscuits & more LLC

  A Bones seen through the eye of a camera



BonesPix develops

Posted on 1 February, 2014 at 21:00

After researching and looking at many, many different sites for photos, photography, and fun sites, we decided to create our own!  We wanted  to display our clients and photos in a unique format!  It has been a work in progress, and a bit more challenging than we first thought, but when we found we had more than 12,000 photos, and FB changed the way albums could/could not be posted, we knew it was time to branch out.  We hope you find this site easy to navigate, comment and enjoy.  Please feel free to make suggestions and comments.  We really love hearing from  you!:)

As we began this journey, we "attempted" to bring a variety of faces from the past with us!  Please accept our apologies right up front as we know someone has been left out!  Just send a reminder, and let us know.  We will happily post!  Since this is just the beginning, your furkid (s) may be in the January or February Gallery which was also created and posted at the same time!  These photos have brought us smiles and tears as we look at the faces of those with us and those who have crossed over!  We love our precious Bones Family, because we sincerely do consider ourselves family joined together by our furkids!

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Reply Tricia Bulger
13:18 on 2 February, 2014 
Such beautiful photos and would expect nothing less. You have made many dogs extremely happy and it's so wonderful to see them with such joy in their faces. I wish you the very best, my friend.
The "special" one,
Reply Jenny Mitchell
18:47 on 2 February, 2014 
I think this picture site is a great idea! Of course I LOVE the Bones website I created for you, but this is a great way to post a lot of pictures yourselves which your clients can view and share. Nice job!
Reply John G
9:38 on 27 February, 2014 
Great site Johnny! It is always fun to face a new challenge. As always, great shots of your guests!
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