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Bones: bed, bath, biscuits & more LLC

  A Bones seen through the eye of a camera

The biggest problem with dogs is that they don't live long enough. They always seem to leave us when we're most vulnerable, most in need of their biased, affirming presence. DOGS MAKE US BELIEVE WE CAN ACTUALLY BE AS THEY SEE US, and it's often only when they're gone that we realize their role in what we've become.                               

With every picture, in a small way, we Honor them for their Love, Loyalty, and Undying devotion. May each face remind us of the joy, goodness and peacefulness they brought to our lives everyday. Let us also be reminded on an Uncloudy Day we will reunite and bask in the presence of the Almighty!

Memorial Page is dedicated to the Bones family & friends. Was started on April 2014

Sometimes Memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks...